Light Fury Support build

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Light Fury Support build Empty Light Fury Support build

Post by Hoverizer on Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:14 am

Light Fury Support build QKVgS83

Light Fury Support build MQFuAXA

Light Fury Support build AiOdjrH

+1 Chakra miracle on nec
+1 Blessing on Anja on Ears
+1 Chakra heal on ring
+1 Ring strike the other ring

would bump up Chakra cure with skill up Heraldry. As people are getting BURNT all the time otherwise could use for Blessing of Anja for more PT elemental Attack

Sunshine spark - 50% AS
Chakra miracle - 20% CD
Ring strike - 20% dmg
Chakra Heal - 50% AS

Shadow hand +6 for SAB and fast casting skill
Chakra cure +11 would be nice for 10sec CD
Chakra Illusion lv.3 cause less CD the skill has an iframe if u double tap so ++

Ty for your time! <3 dont die guys

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