Sentinel PVE Guide + Skill build NON FD TYPE!

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Sentinel PVE Guide + Skill build NON FD TYPE!

Post by K.Sato on Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:18 pm

~Introduction to the class

Yo guys!
For those who chose the class Sentinel ... GREAT CHOICE ! XD
I personally love this class the most in this game but welp maybe it's just me

Sentinel is not a normal archer that uses AGI and physical attack but it's a magical archer that uses INT and Magic attack so don't forget it!
Sentinel nowadays is one of the top tier dps class mostly thanks to the revamp.
The revamp made the sentinel class stronger in general and gave us the ability to spam Tracking Arrow [As long as we hit 20crit hits with magical skills] in an even stronger version, with Beyond time buff of the Arcanists .. you will be even more insane!.
As Sentinels , it will not be hard for you to get a party invitation as long as you are well geared of course because of your dmg and also because of your crit buff to the party.
The way I play sentinel is not just distance but also closed combat.
Unlike Snipers, Sentinels don't need to stay always in distance since it will make you lose more dmg that you can do.
For example, the skill Swift Shot is very strong but if you cast it from distance u will lose at least 80% of the dmg potential.
That's for the general info cause many asked if senti is closed combat or ranged , the answer is both!

~Skill build


Air kick: It's not a must, just a skill that I like.
Mental Mastery and Mind Conquer: not a must, you can skip them since as an INT class you will have unlimited MP ! :3
Instead of the above: you can put points in Owl's Insight for more crit! .


Aerial Chain Shot - Burst Damage for Sentinel, can use as Aerial Evasion
Scope Arrow - Main DPS Skill
Swift Shot - Main DPS Skill (Close Range)
Rapid Shot - Main DPS Skill
Tracking Arrows - Main DPS Skill
Revolution Ballista - Ultimate Skill
Ankle Shot - Utility Skill mainly to bind enemies, only necessary for PVP
Bulls-eye - Very good all round debuff.
Spiritual Excel - Max for PVE, boosts Agility and Intellect
Sylph Aid - Max for PVE, boosts Damage and Movement Speed


Detonating Arrow - Fires a high SA Break Arrow which explodes after 3 seconds
Magical Breeze - Boosts Magic Attack by a %. Coverts PATK skills to MATK using the same amplification
Magical Attack Mastery - Boosts Magic Attack damage by 10%

Scope Arrow EX - Damage Boosted, leaves an Extension Core at the center of the explosion
Swift Shot EX - Damaged Boosted, additional jump back shot added. Swift Arrow can be fired from Extension Core by pressing S (walking backward) + Swift shot hotkey
Rapid Arrow EX - Damage Boosted. More Arrows and Range Increased
Tracking Arrow EX - Damage Boosted. Explosions at the end of arrow. 20 Critical hits trigger Red Tracking Arrows [Fatal TA] with double damage.
Donating Arrow EX - You can shoot the arrow 3 times in a row with the EX instead of once.

~What's better, Crossbow or Longbow

Well I guess it's all about self preference but I believe that Crossbow is better than Longbow when it comes to Sentinel because crossbow gives u more magic attack but Longbow gives u more critical.
So if you lack crit go for longbow! lack magic attack go for crossbow!

~Enhancement Heraldries:
1. Tent (magic defence)
2. Shining (Physical defence)
3. Wise (INT)
4. Magician (Magic attack)
5. Fatal (Critical)
6. Life (HP) [ Get an epic one for any lvl even if it's lvl 24 but don't waste too much gold on it to buy maxed lvl one since the most important thing about the plate is the % HP )
7. Health (VIT)
8. It can be Wind (AGI) or Ultimate (Final Damage) . It depends on you!
9. Attack heraldry [Unique one from the dragon fellowship (try to get with more magic attack then attack power)]
10. Increasing heraldry [Unique one from the dragon fellowship (try to get with more INT)]
11. Choose any unique heraldry you want
12. Choose any unique heraldry you want

~Skill Heraldries:

1. Tracking arrow 20% DMG
2. Scope arrow 20% DMG
3. Swift shot 20% DMG
4. I use Magical breeze's magic attack strength use rate 20% but you can use Revolution Ballista 20% dmg / 12% CD instead

The talismans are sorted by the order (They are all recommended to be rare but if you cannot get rare then get magic grade):
8.Bear (Why? for crit damage increase!)


Technique rings for the following skills : Bull's eyes and Magical breeze or Crossbow/Longbow mastery
Earrings and necklaces:
In my sentinel I have two versions of earrings and necklaces.
One is Healthy and the other is Wise.
When I feel like I'm gonna do something that I will probably not die in... I'm going with Wise version for more attack.
If I'm going to hard stuff, for example BDN or VN and etc ... I'm going for Healthy version.

I recommend everyone to do it but it is your choice! :3

So in short, Wise earrings+necklace or Healthy ones O.O depends on you! (But recommended to have both in the inventory )

And again! Sentinel is magic! so get as much as INT and magic attack as you can with maxed crit and as much hp as possible too!

I guess that this is it for my guide! Hope it helps you a lot :3
If there's any question or request feel free to ask me

Thanks and enjoy :3


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Re: Sentinel PVE Guide + Skill build NON FD TYPE!

Post by Caedoll on Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:25 pm

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Re: Sentinel PVE Guide + Skill build NON FD TYPE!

Post by Hoverizer on Sat Aug 08, 2015 12:16 am

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Re: Sentinel PVE Guide + Skill build NON FD TYPE!

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